Road and a dream

In a couple of days went from Omaha, NE to Lamar, CO. That was one of main points on my route since there is a huge market of military trucks based on which I want to build my next RV. Certainly I didn't forget about my new project #GYMeverywhere. It was quite fresh in the morning so I didn't do any exercises but it was getting warmer on the way south-west. Local workers, couple of retired travelers, bikers and many cars passing by were quite interested why there is a gym in the park in the middle of nowhere but no one was brave enough to drop by. Worked out well, put almost everything I had (170lbs) and pushed 5x5. Probably gonna need another 2 x 25lbs of weights. Truck was great but there is a big BUT - it is incredibly noisy. So either I'll have to put good insulation or stick to big headphones.

Here it is - AM General M928, 855 ci Cummins diesel (there is an A2 version with 506 ci turbo diesel). 20ft flat bed, huge wheels (will put super singles), all wheel drive 6x6, 20 ton winch, 5 speed automatic transmission. Both exhaust and air inlet are located 9ft from the ground! But that noise....


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