Traverse City by itself has nothing special except all the breweries and wineries which I'm not interested in. Even though it has a bike trail (I'm getting used to have them in each town) hard to say it's interesting place. I rode through old and new city, around the lake and got bored. But on the way back I found a small forest near hospital with great unpaved trails where you can actually ride mountain bike and scare the hell out of hikers. That was fun!

There were couple of hills which I got to from the wrong end - had to push bicycle up and then ride downhill.

Again there was big lake (Michigan is full of lakes) and small graffiti place in the middle of the forest.

In the evening standard drive-around to find more or less working internet (signal is very weak despite my huge roof antenna), standard Walmart shopping and overnight parking there. Tomorrow I'll finally get over the bridge to Upper Peninsula, where I supposed to see fall colors.

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