Had a nice walk today. I thought I will just go to the shore and back but kinda liked it and hiked for 4.5 hrs and 13 miles. Wanted to take shortcut on the way back but didn't find a trail (it was north of the lake and I thought it's south) otherwise it would be an hour less and I wouldn't get all wet under rain :( Lake Michigan is huge and looks like sea. Sand beach is great but too cold for swimming. Although could be a nice spot for kite surfing.

Quite a lot of animals in the forest, mostly squirrels and chipmunks but also see few deers. Couldn't take a nice shot of them - too dark and they know people to well - were runningffast. Trails are not marked well so missed mine couple of times (and it's not in my GPS which is unusual).

People got creative in camping areas :)

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