Сдохла батарейка (август 2018)

Похоже что аккумулятор не заряжается совсем на холостых, особенно при нагрузке инвертером. Накануне поработал за компом и зарядил ноут, гоняя движок на холостых. А вечером хотел попробовать завести, и ой - не получилось.

Попробовал с толкача - слишком малая нагрузка на заднее колесо, оно просто блокируется. Так что пришлось проявлять фантазию. Справедливости ради у меня была еще пара запасных вариантов - сосед был неподалеку или толкать до шоссе. Оба приемлимы, но моим способом интереснее.

Попокатепетль (июнь 2018)

Оказывается, на сам Попокатепетль ходить запрещено, он же типа действующий вулкан! Зато на соседний Истаксиуатль вполне можно забраться. Но оказалось, что для этого нужно готовиться - на высоте 4500 я как-то слился :(

Название значит "Белая женщина" и это третий по высоте вулкан, после Попокатепетля и Оризабы. До высоты 5230 шансов дойти у меня и не было, но я, честно говоря, был о себе лучшего мнения. Впрочем, как потом я удостоверился, без подготовки для меня 4500м - это предел. То есть если бы это был вопрос жизни и смерти, или большого вознаграждения, я б наверное потихоньку и выше забрался. А на добровольных началах - нафиг.

Denali NP - Kantishna tour

Yesterday we took quite popular tour to Kantishna point, which is only 51 bucks per person. It's 92.5 miles (12-13 hrs) to that point, most of it is gravel road but in a pretty good condition.

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Preparing for a trip

Preparation for the trip is still in progress. I almost finished the interior. Noticed an oil leak on the inside of the front wheel, looks like hub oil is leaking from the inside gasket. Hopefully can buy one here quickly.

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Coatepec, Veracruz

Today I've visited another Pueblo Magico in a new-to-me Veracruz state. The town itself is not too remarkable - quite standard Zocalo and a church. Coatepec famous for coffee plantations nearby and many coffee shops selling famous coffee made in Veracruz. Some of you know that I don't drink coffee so I decided to go to Texolo waterfalls. That place is gorgeous!

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My new bus

So, I've been away for a month and apparently it was for good. While I was in the States I've seen an ad for beautifully priced diesel RV close to my home town in Mexico. My flight was in two weeks so I thought it'll be gone by then, so didn't bother much. When I got here RV was still on sale so I decided to take a look. In the middle of a jungle we found molded bus. Actually stuff was growing thru the engine! The worst thing is that there were termites living in it for a bit but the owner assured me it's taken care of. Anyways I thought it's too much toruble for money and declined the offer.

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Boat wars in Arizona

Morning was a bit fresh but still gorgeous! I didn't quite understand why sky is all clear at night but when I need sun to recharge butteries it's all clouded.

But there is no time to think about it today. Starting 7 am boat city is preparing for races. There are water-ski racing and boat 'enduro' racing. People polishing their shiny boats and engines but I'd rather check the engine cause there were many failures during the race. Those speed boats getting up to 80-100 miles an hour with skiers and up to 120 mph when just boats racing.

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Road and a dream

In a couple of days went from Omaha, NE to Lamar, CO. That was one of main points on my route since there is a huge market of military trucks based on which I want to build my next RV. Certainly I didn't forget about my new project #GYMeverywhere. It was quite fresh in the morning so I didn't do any exercises but it was getting warmer on the way south-west. Local workers, couple of retired travelers, bikers and many cars passing by were quite interested why there is a gym in the park in the middle of nowhere but no one was brave enough to drop by. Worked out well, put almost everything I had (170lbs) and pushed 5x5. Probably gonna need another 2 x 25lbs of weights. Truck was great but there is a big BUT - it is incredibly noisy. So either I'll have to put good insulation or stick to big headphones.

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Iowa and some cycling

Going from Minneapolis to Omaha to meet some old friends. For a change decided to go by the Interstate - faster and supposedly better mileage. But can't tell you how boring it is... well, actually, you all know. Speed limit is 70 but I drive 52 (55 on speedometer, exactly 2000 rpm). One semi honked but it's really not my fault he missed his chance to pass me without slowing down. And actually it's good that I'm that slow - if speed difference would be 1-2 mph it would take him awhile to pass. Terrible side wind - have to steer all the time. Met some fellow RVers on the Rest stop and they confirmed the wind.

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